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Happy August, Southern Utah!

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Summer is in full swing. We’ve had a hot July ending with some crazy flash floods as we head into the new month. I am grateful to live in such an amazing community where friends, neighbors, and many strangers all band together to help those in need. Let’s continue to bolster each other up and get through this together.

As we continue forward through summer, with school starting up this month, and more heat in the forecast, don’t forget to stay hydrated! You hear it all the time, that we should always be drinking more—and plenty of—water. However, we don’t just need water, but we need to make sure we have plenty of electrolytes in our systems as well.

With much controversy over cutting sodium out of diets, there seem to be groups of us that either get way too much or far too little salt. While I don’t suggest adding salt to an already salt-heavy diet, I do encourage any who avoid salt, to add a little mineral-rich sea salt to your diet.

I like to add a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon or lime to my water bottle each day. denotes that the sodium in salt can help us stay hydrated longer and regulate our blood pressure. Aside from the many other benefits of adequate electrolytes, being hydrated is very important in these summer months.

Healthline does a great job at showing both sides of this coin—getting too much or too little salt in your diet.

My bottom line for this post:

If you get too much salt in your diet, still stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Perhaps take a baby step towards lowering your salt intake.

If you avoid salt in your diet, still stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Perhaps adding a little salt to your life will help your body stay hydrated better and longer.

Stay hydrated, stay safe, and help your neighbors.

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